How Swimming Combats Common Childhood Illnesses

children swimming pool

  Little Fishes Swim School’s mission to help children learn—and love—to swim, is about more than promoting a fun hobby…. Read the full article

Why Going Underwater Creates Great Swimmers


  Going underwater is a big step for new swimmers – and often for their parents as well! But as… Read the full article

Why Your Child is Ready for Independent Swim Lessons

The little girl in the water park swimming underwater and smiling

  Parents considering enrolling their children in swim lessons often express concern about their kiddos not being ready. While each… Read the full article

Why I Chose LFSS: A Parent’s Perspective


  Families select Little Fishes Swim School (LFSS) for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s our customized curriculum, unique environment,… Read the full article

Start The New Year Off Right


  The start of the new year is a perfect time to re-energize or add in a new routine for… Read the full article

New Year’s Resolution: Spend more quality time with the family


  As 2017 approaches, what resolutions do you have for your school of fish? Consider adding extra time at an… Read the full article

A Letter From the Owners

2017 written on empty wet yellow beach sand washed by sea wave

During this holiday season, we want to thank you for allowing Little Fishes to teach your children the joy and… Read the full article

Keeping Kids Active When It’s Cold Outside

Kids playing in the room

In an era of phones, tablets, and other various screens everywhere you look, it has become increasingly difficult to motivate… Read the full article

4 Reasons to Start Swimming Lessons this Winter

Portrait of a cheerful girl swimming underwater with friends in the background

As temperatures get colder, jumping in the pool is probably the last thing on your mind. But for the future… Read the full article

Little Fishes Inspired Halloween Costumes

It’s October, and you know what that means—our little fishes’ heads are filled with visions of costumes and candy! However,… Read the full article

The Social Benefits of Swimming Lessons

happy children kids group  at swimming pool class  learning to swim

Did you know that learning to swim is not the only benefit of swimming lessons for children? Yes, it is… Read the full article

What if My Child Doesn’t Want to Learn to Swim?

Crying fearful boy does not want to swim in the pool with his mother

  We’ve had many little fish come through our doors a little apprehensive about the water. In fact, it’s relatively… Read the full article

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