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We recently linked to an excellent interview featuring my colleague Kelly Gaines, owner of Charlotte Aquatics. She highlighted the importance of kids starting swim lessons as early as possible: 

We recommend, as well as most swim schools in the US, that children start at six months old. Starting children that young helps them feel more comfortable and confident in the water. This is the beginning stage of introducing a child to the aquatic environment and water safety skills. This should be a time of exploration, fun, and gently building the foundational skills that will lead to a lifetime of swimming.

I couldn’t agree more. In the St. Louis area, Little Fishes Swim School is one of the few facilities to teach infant swim lessons—and it’s one of our most popular offerings. However, we understand not all parents are aware of infant-swimming recommendations while their children are babies, so we also welcome and work with toddlers, preschoolers and, in our new facility, older kids. According to our parent testimonials, LFSS lessons create successful swimmers:

Children build confidence in their swimming ability in a fun environment. I love that it is challenging, safe and I especially love the small classes.

Little Fishes has created a welcoming environment for my child both in and out of water. My son loves coming to class and is entertained (and learning!) from start to finish.

My child LOVES going to swimming! As we turn the corner and he can see the blue building, he immediately starts kicking his feet. He can’t control his excitement! My only complaint is that he never wants to get out of the pool!

I can’t emphasize enough how much my son and I enjoy coming to Little Fishes! It truly is the highlight of his week. He comes to each class with a smile and I see his confidence build during each class. Thank you for providing such an amazing service!

I am so amazed at the progress that you have made with my daughter. She loves swimming at the beach. Many of our friends have signed up to LFSS after seeing my daughter hold her own in water.

My 16-month-old is not swimming laps, but her level of comfort (and mine) in the water is wonderful. I was surprised that she went under water the first lesson. Now I think it’s her favorite part.

My son is leaping off the side of the pool, able to kick himself to the surface, and even tries to swim to us from the platform—and he’s only 17 months!

Little Fishes is really an amazing and awesome program that my daughter and I have been a part of since last spring. We love it and look forward to class each week! In fact, this session she even has learned to hold her breath underwater and she is just a few classes away from floating on her back alone…at 18 months!

We have dozens of more parent testimonials, and we thank you for the feedback. With our certified and caring coaches, babies, toddlers and older kids begin developing a lifelong love of water. Most important, the children gain one of life’s most valuable skills: Learning to respect and be safe in water.

By Coach Ruthie Zarren

"Coach Ruthie" Zarren is the owner of Little Fishes Swim School in Brentwood, MO and a mother. She has worked with over 1500 families in the St Louis area teaching water confidence and beginning swimming. In addition, she is a member of the United States Swim School Association, the World Aquatic Babies Congress; and she's an American Learn to Swim Teacher. She is a Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor , certified in Adult, Infant and Child CPR, and holds Level 1 and Level 2 coaching certifications from the American Swimming Coaches Association.

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