From Little Fishes to the Fast Lane


How do you turn a hesitant toddler, reluctant to even put his head in the water, into a bonafide swimming champ? When Ryan, a Little Fishes Swim School graduate, came to class for the first time he was like many new students.  His mom, Monica, recalls that he was comfortable playing in the water, but like many parents, she and her husband Steven wanted Ryan to learn how to swim. “My parents have a pool, and I wanted Ryan to be safe and confident in the water. I researched several different programs, but was immediately drawn to the small classes and salt-water pool at Little Fishes,” she says.

Monica’s research paid off, because within six months of starting Little Fishes at age 2 ½, Ryan was thriving as a swimmer. He had progressed through all of our class levels, and in just over a year he had graduated our program at age four.

Ryan's love for swimming started at Little Fishes and grew beyond playing safely in his grandparents pool. “Ryan started swimming competitively at age five with the South City Storm swim team,” says Monica. “He absolutely loves it. He competes in all four strokes, but back stroke and freestyle are his favorites."

Ryan often competes against older children because his skills are beyond those in his age group.  “Ryan wouldn’t be the swimmer he is today if it weren’t for Little Fishes, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Watching Ryan swim so fast in the last 25 yards of a race is a thrill, and we owe his enthusiasm and excitement in large part to his lessons at Little Fishes,” says Monica.

And Ryan's sister is following in his footsteps. Jenny, 1  ½, is currently enrolled in a toddler class.

We hear so many exciting stories like Ryan’s from parents whose children arrive at Little Fishes hesitant, reluctant and even frightened of the water, but with our professional, personalized instruction leave comfortable, confident and excited about swimming—a trait they’ll carry with them for life!