Top 3 Reasons Why Babies Need Swim Lessons


Babies ages 2 months and older have a natural affinity for water and, therefore, make excellent swim students. Most important, infants who learn to be comfortable in water achieve numerous physical, social and developmental benefits, the most important of which is learning to swim early, a skill that can save their life. Scientific Proof of the Benefits of Baby Swimming, Lana Whitehead

Why Babies Should Swim Before They Can Walk,

Here are my top 3 reasons why babies should be enrolled in swim lessons:


  • A baby’s brain is developing rapidly. When parents nurture an infant’s natural love of water, a baby is more likely to have successful and safe water experiences throughout a lifetime (At What Age Should May Child Start Swim Lessons).
  • Babies are born with a “swimming reflex.” When placed on their tummies in warm water, babies will move their arms and legs in a swimming motion; encouraging this allows infants to transfer natural reflexes into coordinated swimming movements (“Baby Swim: The Beginning of a Life Long Adventure”).


  • Young children who participate in swim lessons achieve a wider range of skills earlier, often easing the transition into formal educational settings such as preschool and elementary (Griffith Institute for Educational Research).
  • This includes boosts in physical, visual, motor and oral skills as well as gains in literacy and numeracy proficiency (Griffith Institute).
  • Infant swim lessons allow for skin-to-skin contact between the baby and parents or other caregivers, which builds trust and emotional bonds (KidsHealth)


  • Learning to swim promotes self-confidence and exercise by participating in an activity that improves muscle strength, flexibility and coordination with little risk of injury.
  • Swimming is a multi-sensory activity that engages sight, sound and touch as well as a baby’s sense of balance, muscular movements and pressure (“Baby Swim”).
  • It’s been proven that warm gentle exercise can help a baby sleep and stimulate appetite (“Baby Swim”).