Why I Chose LFSS: A Grandparent’s Perspective


Families select LFSS for a variety of reasons; below is Tom Newport’s story. LFSS does a great job of staying in contact with past customers and prospects; one of these emails hit me just as I was thinking about enrolling my 22-month-old granddaughter, Isabelle, in swim lessons. And so I did.

From the first class, I was impressed. I loved getting in the pool with Isabelle and the bonding time that provided. The consistency of the classes, the skills being developed, the monitoring of Isabelle’s progress, and the friendly and fun atmosphere combine to produce a unique experience.

Isabelle is now 27 months old and her comfort level in the water has greatly improved. She has been advanced to the next class and, although I miss getting in the pool with her, I am impressed to watch her follow her instructors independently. At 27 months, she can traverse the length of a pool with a floatation device!

My experience with Little Fishes has been nothing but positive. The staff members are friendly and greet Isabelle by name. In fact, they seem to build relationships with each child and genuinely care about every individual’s progression. Plus, they pack the half-hour lessons with age-appropriate activities designed to advance skillsets. The coaches at LFSS are committed to making learning to swim fun.