5 Healthy Reasons to Swim in Winter


Sick of the cold? Tiring of your children, who seem to be suffering from incurable cabin fever? Enter the warm haven of Little Fishes Swim School. Enjoy 30 minutes in a downright tropical atmosphere, while our expert coaches expertly tire out your children. It’s a win-win.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be at Little Fishes this winter and beyond:

  • It’s healthy. Research has shown that swimming aids respiratory symptoms in children. Babies, toddlers and children engaged in swimming lessons are learning deep breathing techniques which increases lung capacity and keeps lungs clear of accumulated mucus reducing proneness to respiratory problems. Also, the physical activity increases appetite and improves sleep patterns which can contribute to increased immunity against winter illnesses.
  • It’s warm. That’s right, our entire facility is kept at 90 degrees to ensure kiddos don’t get cold going into or coming out of our warm pools. Plus, with tropical and beachy décor, you can close your eyes and almost imagine you are on vacation while you wait for your child’s lesson to finish up.
  • It’s physical: At home, your children are chasing each other and you around the house to try to burn off extra energy. Swimming takes care of this for you. By working all of the body’s major muscles at the same time, swimming is one of the best—and most tiring—exercises. You are welcome, in advance.
  • It’s social: Winter days mean less time to gather with neighborhood friends for impromptu cul de sac play. It also means less time for organized playdates. Here, kids can meet up with their little fish friends and socialize together during class. Heck, they can even meet up before or after to play with their friends in our warm, fully-stocked play area.
  • We have coffee: Both Little Fishes locations have coffee and to warm you up while you watch your little ones warm up to the water.
  • Swimming suggests the promise of summer: Just the act of putting on their swimsuits to get ready for lessons at Little Fishes can launch a discussion of summer plans. It can prompt a conversation about water safety, picnics, beach time or travel. It can help you daydream and imagine your way into warmer weather!

Escape the cold-weather doldrums at Little Fishes Swim School and provide your child with a skill for life this winter!