Give Us Your Fearful Children


Is your child fearful, fussing or crying at swim class? Don’t worry. The coaches at Little Fishes Swim School understand. You are not the only one to have a crying child. Just ask the other parents. We understand. We also don't mind. Our priority is for each child to develop a healthy and safe relationship with the water, so don't give up…we won't.

Remember, Little Fishes is a controlled environment with well-trained staff whose main objective is to ease your child into a fun and healthy appreciation for the water. We accomplish this goal with patience and persistence. We encourage you to help prepare your child for each class.

The earlier a child's fear is addressed, the less stressful it is to overcome. If ignored, fear of water is not something children outgrow. In fact, the longer it lingers, the more ingrained it becomes and the harder it will be to overcome. It is never too late to learn to swim and we are here to do build your child's confidence and comfort in the water.

Many parents may feel embarrassed by the crying or fret that their child is a burden who is disrupting the class. Keep in mind that swim lessons can save your child's life. Kids who start out crying turn into kids who tell us swimming is their favorite activity or wake up every day asking, “Is today swimming?” Indeed, the tides will change, so to speak, and you will enjoy your little fish.

At Little Fishes, fearful and timid children grow into confident swimmers every day. We love to see the pride and self-confidence a student feels when they overcome the obstacles to swimming. Progress happens in waves, but we have the patience and dedication to keep working to success.

So please, give us your crying, your fearful and your timid children. It won't be long before the tears and fears turn into smiles and happy splashing—and we will all rejoice in your child's accomplishments!