Learning to Swim = Smarter Children


  Most people understand the physical, emotional as well as the life saving benefits of learning to swim. But according to the Griffith Institute of Educational Research in Australia, children who participate in swim lessons at an early age reach significant developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers. They score higher in tests and are generally better coordinated. So, if you are looking for something that will provide your child with a life-saving skill and help them in school, you need not look further than our pools.

"Swimming lessons help children dive into school", published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Not surprisingly, those children learning to swim achieved physical feats faster such as grasping, object manipulation and locomotion. But, they were also more cognitively advanced. Findings included:

  • Able to write, read, and count better than those without aquatics education
  • Kids over age 4 were 10 months ahead in language, 11 month ahead in oral expression and 6.5 months ahead of math
  • Kids aged 3 were ahead of curve by more than 15 months in understanding directions

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Receptive and Expressive Language: Swim lessons are stimulating environments where kids are exposed to detailed instructions, visual cues, and rhyming songs. This offers great receptive and expressive language practice.
  • Math/Science: Enhances eye/hand coordination and helps kids develop math and science skills
  • Visual/Spatial: Understanding time, distance, and position in space relative to other objects is important for positional vocabulary
  • Gross and Fine Motor: Connecting both cerebral hemispheres of the brain by developing coordination of both sides of the body is important in development of many gross and fine motor skills. This coordination leads to overall efficiency in brain processes.
  • Confidence: Early swim instruction aids in building self-esteem and social skills.
  • Memory Development: Neurological research links movement to learning and memory development; swim classes also help stimulate the imagination

At Little Fishes, there’s a method behind everything we do—from our rhyming songs to the order in which we teach the skills. We do have the smartest little fishes in St. Louis!