Little Fish NEED Reusable Swim Diapers


In all that we do, Little Fishes Swim School puts children's health and safety first. That's why it's our policy to require reusable swim diapers for all children who are not toilet trained or who have frequent accidents. Through research and experience, we've found that reusable swim diapers have many benefits, including preventing the spread of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) caused by bacteria such as E. coli. Specifically, reusable swim diapers contain 98% of the bacteria in the event of an accident, according to an independent university study. Little Fishes is not alone in its advocacy of reusable swim diapers. They are favored by respected groups such as the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Safe Kids, the Red Cross and YMCAs.

Besides keeping little and big fishes healthy, reusable swim diapers are better than disposable swim diapers because:

* They save time and money because they can be reused, thereby saving trips to the store to purchase disposable swim diapers;

* They are better for the environment because they reduce trash generated by disposables. Their eco-friendliness fits with our new building's green standards;

* They never come apart in the water and clog pool filters, like regular disposable diapers such as "Little Swimmers" or "Splashers" swim diapers. Particles released from these can clog and damage the pool filtration system, shutting it down;

* They do not absorb water and extra weight that could impede a little fishes ability to swim safely.

For your convenience, LFSS sells reusable swim diapers at the front desks. Please note that diapers should be very snug at the waist and legs and require a swim suit to be worn over the diaper.

In addition to using reusable swim diapers, parents and guardians can help keep our pools safe by

* Taking your children on bathroom breaks and checking diapers often. Waiting to hear "I have to go" may mean it's too late;

* Changing diapers in a bathroom or changing room and not at poolside. Germs can spread to surfaces and objects in and around the pool and spread illness;

* Washing your child thoroughly, especially the rear end, with soap and water before swimming. Everyone has invisible amounts of fecal matter on their bottoms that could end up in the pool.

Thank you for helping to make LFSS healthy for kids and healthy for the environment.