Little Fishes Swim School's Pool is Greener


At Little Fishes Swim School our top priority has always been creating a safe and healthy environment where a child's love of the water can flourish. And we are excited to announce that we have taken our efforts one step further by installing a new system in our salt-water pool that uses ultraviolet light for filtration in place of harsh chemicals that can be damaging to little skin and lungs. Our new UV system is a chemical-free way to eliminate more than 99.9% of the microbiological bacteria and parasites that are traditionally treated in pools by loading the water with a chemical cocktail that is not only potentially harmful for swimmers and the environment, but is not effective in killing all bacteria. There are at least two strains of bacteria that are known to be chlorine resistant, but can be eliminated with the use of UV filtration.

The new UV technology has been added to the filtration system we already have in place, and adds extra reinforcements to the naturally hygienic practices we use to clean our water. With the new system, water leaves the pool and flows through a sand filter, then enters an enclosed tube where the light hits the water and cleans it,  moves into the salt cell, to the heater, and back into pool. Swimmers and coaches at Little Fishes are not exposed to UV light or harsh chemicals, but enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly swimming experience.

We installed the UV system because it is known to destroy the genetic code of virtually all harmful, water-borne viruses on contact, disinfects the water until it is nearly pure, and leaves behind no chloramines-the by products of chlorine responsible for eye irritation and the bleach smell in many private and public pools. Since opening the school in 2008 I have always ensured that the school is on the forefront of safety and technology and made this upgrade because I believe the safety and health of our Little Fishes is important, and I want to make sure we are always doing the absolute most we can to support that.

Our new UV system is a natural extension of the many other efforts we have in place to keep our school happy, healthy, and safe. We feel it compliments our decision to have an indoor instruction space to protect our students and coaches from inclement weather and the sun's rays, why we use salt water in the pool which is healthier for young lungs, gentler on little skin, and better for the environment, and our request that all non-toilet trained swimmers wear reusable swim diapers with elasticized legs to to keep the water cleaner than disposables.