Our Swim Students Gain Emotional Intelligence


Your children make coming to work every day fun and exciting! Below are some of the reasons we love teaching your children to swim so that they can have a skill for life.

  • Confidence: We love seeing a child who was once afraid of the water grow to love it. We love when tears turn into smiles and that ear-to-ear grin kids get after accomplishing a new skill for the first time.
  • Joyfulness: Our ears love giggles, happy splashes, and the excited conversations your kids have with their swimming pals. Although we sometimes have to quiet the class to ensure they are picking up on a lesson, we love that they are truly happy in our environment.
  • Growth: We love watching your children grow and mature. Many of our coaches have watched six-month-old babies cycle through our entire curriculum and are now close to graduating. It is bittersweet; we have a taught a generation to be safe in the water, but we sure will miss those guys (although now we are enrolling their siblings!).
  • Pride: When class is over, and you carry your little fish out of the water or he/she comes bounding over to you where you are waiting with a towel, we love the watching those first “out-of-water” interactions. We often witness children filled with energy excitedly telling their caregivers what they learned and mastered during class. They are proud of themselves and their accomplishments. And we love seeing this developmentally important feeling manifest as a result of learning a skill for life.