Why Your Child Benefits from Different Coaches


We all know that consistency and structure benefit our children. Perhaps that’s why when parents and children are faced with a new coach for a lesson, it causes quite a stir. Sometimes, this happens because your child’s coach is sick, on maternity leave, or is unable to attend for a variety of other reasons. Other times, it is a conscious decision on the part of Little Fishes management. Yes, that’s right. More often than not, we occasionally bring in a new coach because it benefits your child. Here’s why:

  • New Eyes, New Perspective: Although all of our coaches have been trained in the same way, they each bring a unique perspective to teaching. A new coach might notice something that can inform his/her swimming instruction and ability to advance. A new set of eyes is always a good idea.
  • New Face, Same Message: Your child will find comfort in the fact that although the coach might be different, the class structure and methodologies remain the same. This serves to reinforce Little Fishes core messages of safety and fun in the water.
  • Class Variety: Variety is the spice of life, right? It can also serve to spice up swimming lessons. Children can get too comfortable in a routine; every once in a while it is beneficial to introduce a new variable to get them to listen a little better or try a little harder. For this very reason, a new coach might just be the impetus for a jump in skills.

Almost everything we do at Little Fishes has a purpose—from the color of the walls to the type of coaches we hire to the strategic rotation of coaches. All of it is to make sure your child learns a life-saving skill in a friendly and safe environment. So, the next time you see a new face in the pool with your child, get excited about what this change might inspire in your little one.