Our Gift to You: Infant Splash Class


It’s that time of year again….time when everyone starts thinking less about getting and more about giving. If you have a young infant on your list this year, consider our brand-new Infant Splash class as a

gift that keeps on giving.

Our customers used to have to wait until the children in their lives were 6 months old before enrolling

them in our Parent/Child classes. Not anymore. After all, study after study has shown that children who

participate in swim lessons at an early age reach significant developmental milestones earlier, score

higher on tests, and are generally better coordinated than their non-swimming peers. So, our talented

Little Fishes staff created a developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants 2-5 months old. And

then we priced it at a special introductory rate of just $50/month. It is our gift to you as you search out

productive and stimulating activities for the infants in your life. And, it is fun!

Here are some things we’ve been hearing around the pool decks about this class:

  • “I love spending time with my baby in this way. It gives us 30 minutes to really bond!”
  • “She loves it. She loves looking around at the other infants and watching how her actions (hitting the water) have reactions (splashes).”
  • “He sleeps so well after this class! He is using his brain and body to respond to so many stimuli. Post-class, he has a really restful nap.”
  • “At this age, they are young enough to have not developed a fear of the water yet. I feel that this class is helping to prevent that. And it sure makes bath time a lot more fun!”

In a hygienic environment, with saltwater pools that are gentle on sensitive skin and set at a cozy warm

temperature, our Infant Splash classes improve baby’s immune system and help them meet important

milestones. This holiday season, give this experience—and set the stage for a lifetime of safe water

habits for the little ones in your life.