How Pool Toys Help Develop Swim Skills


At Little Fishes Swim School, we have found that a great deal of confidence and ability in the water is developed not only while children are actively learning new skills—but also by simply playing. There are tons of toys made for the water and many of them have benefits other than being a source of fun. Here are some of our favorite toys and game ideas that help can help develop your little fish’s swimming skills this summer.  

  • Kick boards: Ideal for beginner swimmers, kick boards encourage reciprocal leg movements as the swimmer propels forward using a flutter kick. At the same time, they are gaining strength through their backs and legs as the water resistance makes that forward movement more difficult.


  • Dive Toys: Being confident in the water means being confident under the water, too. In fact, swimming underwater is a very important life skill. Dive toys are great tools for developing body awareness and agility and also improve breath control.


  • Goggles: Kids are natural explorers. By giving them goggles, your little fish will be even more inclined to explore the depths of the swimming pool which is great for conditioning breath-holding abilities.


  • Basketball: Games like basketball played while standing in the pool actually build in-water skill, too. Jumping and reaching for the ball, kids are sometimes forced to submerge at odd angles and work on water-treading abilities.


Ultimately, anything that makes your little fish move in the water will help them get better. While playing games, kids develop secondary skills like breath control and balance that help them become more confident and safer swimmers. This summer, we encourage you to introduce your children to these toys and games in a supervised setting. After all, the more toys they have, the more reasons they have to get in the water and practice!