Just Keep Swimming


“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”  

We’ve all had these wisdom-filled words stuck in our head at one point or another, thanks to our favorite fish-friendly movie, Finding Nemo. And now, on June 17, the film’s sequel Finding Dory swims into theatres. In honor of the lovable fish’s feature film, we thought it would a great time to share just how important Dory’s advice actually is.


All children learn to swim at different rates and follow different developmental paths in general—and that’s okay. There are a variety of reasons your little fish might not be catching on to certain skills as quickly as expected. In a past blog post, we outlined factors to take into account when considering your child’s swim progression timeline. Regardless of the reason, though, one solution almost always remains relevant—just keep swimming!


Like any activity that involves learning new skills, becoming a strong swimmer takes time and practice. As such, your child’s swimming lessons serve as a fantastic opportunity to instill confidence and encourage perseverance. Doing so can be as simple as letting your little fish know that you believe in them. Tell them how proud you are each time they make the decision to get back in the water and try again. Positive reinforcement such as recognizing and rewarding even the smallest milestones or improvements is also incredibly beneficial.


Just like Dory, your little fish will eventually succeed if they just keep at it. But remember that success looks different on everyone and comes at different stages. So, next time swimming lessons get your little fish down… you know what you gotta do!