How Your Little Fish Benefits From Small Class Sizes


For your little one, learning to swim is a big task and can sometimes be scary. Because of this, many beginners benefit from group swimming lessons because it gives them the opportunity to learn and draw motivation from their peers. However, if the class size is too large, students spend much of their lesson waiting for their turn or miss out on individualized instruction all together. That’s why here at Little Fishes swim School, we make sure our group swim classes are small enough that there’s a trained instructor at your child’s side every stroke of the way.  

With only 5-6 students in each group class, students spend less time on the wall and more time with our instructors. All that extra time allows for instruction tailored to the needs of your little fish, whether they’re a first-timer or a seasoned ring-diver. Plus, studies have shown that one-on-one coaching leads to quicker progression.


And because your child is guaranteed more one-on-one attention, a bond of trust between our instructors and your little fish is created. A trust that proves essential when instructors ask students to try things for the first time.


In addition to the individualized instruction benefits, smaller class sizes mean less opportunity for the kids to get distracted. You know better than anyone that getting an excited child to follow direction can be…well…trying. Imagine that same scenario with 10 kids. With less distraction, your kids will be able to focus more and learn more quickly—so that you get the most out of each lesson and maximize your time and money spent.