Could Your Little Fish Be a Future Olympian?


  As the 2016 Summer Olympic Games get started, many parents find themselves asking the question—could my child be a future Olympian?


At Little Fishes, we see many small children come to us fearful, afraid to even put their face in the water. But after a few introduction and beginning skills classes, we see swimming become those same little fish’s favorite activity. And soon enough, they’re moving up to advanced, and joining their local swim team. By age seven, those same fishes begin to compete in older age groups, out-swimming their once superior peers. After that, the opportunities are endless.


So, could your child be a future Olympian? We say why not!? It just takes hard work, a good attitude, and a love for the water. Splash in a little extra support from cheerleader parents, and your little fish can go as far as he or she dreams.


And, as a bonus, on their way to greatness, your fishy will establish life-long healthy habits; and even better, they’ll have a little fun! Joining a swim team means friendships forged during early-morning IMs or long car rides to meets, and a boost of self-confidence that will keep them kicking for years. Plus, swimming has been proven to improve cognitive development, flexibility, and memory.


So whether your child becomes the next neighborhood champion, high school varsity star, collegiate scholarship recipient, or even an Olympian—it all starts at swimming lessons.