Making Time to Swim During the Busy Back-to-School Season


Too often swimming becomes a summer memory when the school bells ring in August. And we get it—it’s a busy time for everyone. But in order to keep your little fish on track, it’s important not to totally stop swimming lessons during the school year. Especially for those little fish who still aren’t completely comfortable in the water, consistency is imperative. Even if you only swim once a week, keeping a routine is key to continued growth.  

Plus, swimming throughout the school year is scientifically proven to benefit children in the classroom! According to studies at the German Sports College Cologne, kids who swim year-round fared better academically, particularly in problem-solving skills. Who needs homework when a dip in the pool can help boost grades? (Ok—they should still do their homework, but maybe swimming will make it easier.)


Little Fishes Swim School offers year-round classes at all levels so that your little fish can keep up their summer swimming routine even during the hustle of the school year. Our private options are ideal for anyone who needs a little extra flexibility and one-on-one attention, while our group lessons are the perfect after-school activity.


So, as you pack those backpacks with supplies for the new school year,don’t forget about us. We’ll be here when the last bell of the day rings, ready to help your little fish improve physically and mentally. We hope to see you this fall!