Why the Right Swimming Environment is Essential for Learning


Here at Little Fishes Swim School, we know that for a first-time swimmer, a comfortable setting is everything. When a future little fish is already feeling cautious around water, adding in a cold and chaotic pool with tons of screaming kids running around can set them over the edge. That’s why we’ve created the perfect swimming environment for learners of all levels. Here’s how:  

We’ve got small class sizes.

With fewer students in each swim class, your little fish won’t spend the entire lesson glued to the wall. Instead, they’ll actually be swimming! And with the personalized instruction, your child will feel as if they can trust our instructors and will be ready to take on any new strokes.


Our pools are filled with warm salt water.

Chlorine can be tough for sensitive fish. For some it leaves rashes, while for others, red eyes and green hair come with the territory. That’s why at Little Fishes Swim School, we believe salt water is best. The salt adds a little more buoyancy and it’s smooth on your skin and eyes. Plus, with our warm and inviting water temperatures, even the most apprehensive of kids will want to jump right in.


We’ve mastered the lighting.

The lighting in our facilities mimics daylight but is never too harsh that visibility becomes impaired while swimming. The warm glow of our lights above welcomes little ones into the pool and allows for parents sitting on the edge an easy line of vision to all their little fish’s fun in the water.


With years of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to create the perfect swimming environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities are welcoming to swimmers at every level and set the stage for new swimmers to feel at ease jumping into our pools. We invite you to come see for yourself!