Little Fishes Inspired Halloween Costumes


It's October, and you know what that means—our little fishes’ heads are filled with visions of costumes and candy! However, finding that perfect Halloween costume isn’t always such a treat. If your child is having a hard time deciding what to dress up as this year, have no fear—we’ve got you covered. In the spirit of incorporating swimming into our little fishes lives as much as possible, here are 5 costume ideas that will let them embrace their love for water to the max. 1. Olympic Swimmer: Every young swimmer dreams of becoming the next Michael Phelps or Jenny Thompson—and this is the chance to make that dream come true!

2. Mermaid or Merman: Beautiful and mysterious, these legendary sea creatures make great Halloween costumes and even better photo ops.

3. Life Guard: Our goal for every little fish is for them to understand the importance of water safety and the lifesaving benefits of learning to swim. So, why not dress the part?

4. Scuba Diver: A night of pretend deep sea exploration is sure to make any water loving child’s Halloween an unforgettable one.

5. Little Fish: Okay, we may be a little biased, but you can’t go wrong here. From the beloved Nemo to Ariel’s sidekick, Flounder, there are plenty of fictional fish in the sea to choose from.

If your little ones do decide to use any of these ideas—or if you come up with any other water-themed costumes—we’d love to hear about it! Post photos of your little fish’s big night out on our Facebook page and tag #LittleFishes!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!