Why Going Underwater Creates Great Swimmers


  Going underwater is a big step for new swimmers – and often for their parents as well! But as scary as it seems at the beginning, going underwater is an important skill to have.


Comfort in the pool


If kids want to be able to swim efficiently, they need to be able to hold their breath. Going underwater is a key step towards doing so. That’s because it’s important in helping kids feel comfortable in the water. If they never go underwater, they’ll never be able to learn to overcome their fear of the water – which may put them at risk of drowning in future.


Efficient breathing


When kids are comfortable going underwater, they can start learning how to breathe efficiently – which is an essential component of becoming a great swimmer. Proper breathing helps make swim strokes feel easier, keeps kids feeling balanced in the pool, and even helps relax them. It seems simple enough, but it’s a skill that many intermediate and advanced swimmers still haven’t perfected, which is why we’re so focused on it with our swimmers!


Safe and fun 


At Little Fishes Swim School, we take a safe and fun approach to going underwater. We’ve worked with infants and older kids just being introduced to the water, and we tailor our instructions to suit each age group and personality.


Our focus is on comfort and enjoyment, so we create a low-stress environment where kids are relaxed and playful. Playing games like blowing bubbles, picking up toys from underwater, and using the “1-2-3” countdown are just some of the methods we use to slowly introduce kids to going underwater.


We’re always positive, and there’s no “failing” – kids get comfortable with the water at different rates, and our classes take that into consideration. This way, kids get moved up into different classes when they’re ready and when they have the skills to do so safely and comfortably.


Going underwater is essential to becoming a confident swimmer, and we’re happy to help your little fish become comfortable enough in the water to achieve this key step. Little Fishes Swim School offers a fun and friendly environment for kids of all ages learning to swim. Our small classes run all year round, and our instructors specialize in working with young swimmers.


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