Where Does Your Swimming Lesson Investment Really Go?



No matter how you look at it, investing in a skill that could potentially save your child’s life is always worth it. Even so, our little fishes’ parents are often curious about how their swimming lesson tuition is spent. Let’s take a look at just where your investment goes.


Our instructors are the lifeblood of our pools. Having a great team of instructors is what sets us apart, and we invest in quality staff who can really make a difference for kids learning to swim. Our unique programming, small classes, and year-round scheduling means that a good deal of your fees support our instructors. In addition to salaries and benefits, we also ensure that our staff keep on top of all the essential certifications, and participate in ongoing education that keeps them current with the latest developments in swim school education. Our team also includes our family facilitators and management, who help ensure that your experience out of the water is just as good as your experience in it. Add in maintenance staff, and we have quite the family!


We also invest heavily in amenities for our families at each location. At both facilities you can find child-welcoming décor, by-donation coffee bars, charging stations for all your devices, large play areas stocked with toys and coloring supplies, and vending areas for on-site snacks and swim essentials like goggles and swim diapers!


A large part of your investment goes towards the upkeep of our facilities. Each of our locations has three warm saltwater pools, as well as private bathrooms, shower rooms, and changing rooms for the comfort of our families. We pride ourselves in keeping our facilities in great shape, and a good deal of your investment goes towards utilities, pool cleaning, and maintenance, as well as cleaning and upkeep of our common areas.



As you can see, the cost of your child’s swim classes goes right back into our business, allowing us to continue to provide great amenities and wonderful instructors. Given the many benefits of learning how to swim, we’re definitely inclined to think of those fees not as an expense, but as an investment. If you have not yet seen our facilities or met our staff, we would be thrilled to give you a tour and introduce you! Just give us a call at 314-647-7946 to find out the best time to stop by. We look forward to meeting you!