Why I Chose LFSS: A Parent’s Perspective


Families select Little Fishes Swim School (LFSS) for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s our customized curriculum, unique environment, experienced staff, or proven results, it’s important to us that we understand how we can best serve each and every one of our little fish. That’s why we interviewed Christina Terry, whose daughter has been a student with us for over three years. Here is their story.  

Tell us about your swimmer’s skill progression since starting at Little Fishes. 

Our daughter has been with Little Fishes since she was a baby, and she is getting ready to turn 4. She has moved through 3 levels.


Tell us about the growth in Hannah's swim skills.

She is always ready for a challenge, and I think a lot of that has come from moving through the different swim levels.


Why do you love Little Fishes/what keeps you coming back?

I love everything! The instructors, the staff, the location, and even the environment itself.


What makes Little Fishes different than other swim lesson opportunities?

You can really tell that the instructors are truly committed to moving your child to the next level.


How would you describe Little Fishes to a friend?

I have told lots of people about Little Fishes. I tell them that the instructors and staff are the main reason we have been going for the last 3 years.


If your kiddo had to describe Little Fishes in three words, which would they choose?

Fun, friends, and Ms. Ally :)


Coach Ally had this to say about Hannah:


When I became an official coach at Little Fishes over a year ago, Friday had become one of my normal shifts, which included only Acclimation classes. In one of those classes I had little Miss Hannah, a ball full of energy. Although Hannah had been swimming at Little Fishes since before I started, I could definitely gauge where she was in terms of progress. She was goofy and loved swimming but she really needed a good push so she could be in the next level of classes

Not too long after I had been in the class, I got a promotion to be a Supervisor so I wouldn’t be in Hannah’s class anymore. But even out of the water, I gave Hannah and her mom, Christina, the feedback she needed to move to the next level. And eventually graduated out of Acclimation and moved on to the Beginner level. As time went on Hannah and I became close. I would get hugs before she swam and that eventually turned into her coming in early to see meI’d let her sit with me sometimes and show her how the other kids swam and this past year we exchanged Christmas presents. This is one of the greatest connections I’ve had within Little Fishes. It’s been so rewarding to see Hannah grow into the Little Fish she is today.



We love hearing feedback from our Little Fishes families! If you have a success story to share, or have ideas on how we can provide a better experience for your little fish, let us know!