4 Tips for 5-6 Year Old Swimmers


Learning how to swim can be a big deal for elementary-age kids who haven’t been in the pool before. Many of their friends are probably jumping off diving boards, so fear and embarrassment can cause hesitation. But it's not too late to get started!  

Here are a few tips that we’ve found work well with this age group:

Let Your Swimmer Set Goals:

It’s important that attainable goals are set each time swimming is attempted. Perfecting the backstroke isn’t something elementary-age children should be worried about quite yet. Help them map out a plan, which can begin with letting go of the ledge by the end of their first pool entry or treading water by their third or fourth time in the water.


Identify Fears:

The pool can be an intimidating place for kids of all ages. You or your child’s teacher must discern what, exactly, is troubling your little fish — fear of water? Temperature? Loss of control? Once you identify the source of the anxiety, it is easier to address it—and addressing a fear bolsters confidence, which is critical to learning to swim at this age.


Find the Right Environment:

Just as you would with a new bike or pair of skates, introduce your kiddo to the pool in a safe and welcoming environment. Your child should feel happy about lessons, not feel anxious, intimidated, or pressured. An educational environment with a welcoming climate and age-appropriate classes (comprised of similarly aged children at similar skill levels) will help your little fish acclimate.


Stick with it:

At first, an elementary-age child may fight going back to the pool. Remember that swimming should be fun, not a chore! If your child sees positive behavior around the water, he or she will want to imitate these actions. Incorporate water or swimming into your family’s regular routines. If you love the water, your kids will be more likely to as well.


Whether your kids are totally new to the water or have had some pool-based playtime, we’re happy to help them become confident swimmers, so don’t hesitate to bring your elementary-age kid to one of our classes! Little Fishes Swim School offers swim classes for infants through to independent swimmers all year round. Our small class sizes and friendly instructors make swimming fun and friendly.

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