Help, My Kid Can't Swim!


  Summertime is here. For parents whose kiddos can’t swim, this season can add extra stress while everyone else is relaxing by the water. But don’t worry—Little Fishes Swim School is here for you! We have helped thousands of children conquer their fears and have plenty of tips to get your little fish testing the waters safely. Here are three easy ways to get your child comfortable around water:


  1. Enroll in swim lessons as soon as possible. Swimming lessons are vastly important to a child’s confidence and safety around the water. Not only do lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88% in children, but the small classes and individual attention that Little Fishes provides often turn their biggest fear into a favorite hobby. Click here for more reasons why there is no better time than now to get started.


  1. Expose your child to water as much as possible. Splish splash! From yard hose spray games to boat races in a baby pool or bathtub, frequent exposure to water fun helps to ease the transition to swim lessons and alleviate any fears.


  1. Implement instructional fun. While you are splishing and splashing, throw in a few instructional activities to your fun or bathing routine. Blowing bubbles and other activities that involve getting splashed will turn something originally viewed as a chore into playtime. See Bathtub Games to Boost Your Child’s Swim Skills for more information and ideas.


Whether you’re going on vacation or just hitting a neighborhood pool, taking these steps will surely make your summer a little sweeter.

Remember, Little Fishes Swim School offers swim classes for children of all ages year round. Our small class sizes allow for personal, customized instruction, and our knowledgeable teaching staff will encourage your child at every level. We want to help your kiddo enjoy water as much as the rest of us—call us today to enroll in classes!