How to Prevent the 3 Most Common Pool Injuries


  Whether you live in a community with a pool or you have your own in the backyard, it’s hard not to worry about your kids’ safety by the water. Pool injuries are common and precautions should be taken to keep your children safe at all times.


Here are three ways to ensure safety during your next pool visit:


  1. No running. It can be difficult to get kids to calmly walk when they are excited, but running around the pool can be extremely hazardous. Not only could they get seriously injured if they slip, but the resulting bruises and scrapes can make it difficult for children to climb back out of the water, as well. At Little Fishes, we emphasize walking around the water every chance we get!
  2. Enter the pool properly. Jumping into the deep end of the pool can be dangerous if the child has not had proper swim lessons. It’s also important that they aren’t too close to the wall when jumping, so they don’t bump their head or bottom on the way in. At Little Fishes, we teach our students to bend their knees while jumping so they get enough momentum to move away from the wall.
  3. Make sure the water is safe and maintained. Ensuring kids swim in clean, monitored water is just as critical. Ensure that the pool is properly cleaned so that parasites and waterborne illnesses are kept at bay. We test our pool chemicals 3 times a day and have a UV sanitation system for the comfort and safety of all our swimmers!


Little Fishes Swim School can help your young ones learn about how to stay safe around the water, customizing instruction for each kiddo. Our pools are safe and clean, allowing your children to have as much fun as we do in the pool.


Call us today to enroll your little ones in a class tailored to their age and abilities!