Why I Chose LFSS: A Parent’s Perspective


There are tons of activities to choose from for your little one, and even more options when deciding which class or program to join. Little Fishes Swim School (LFSS) makes both of those decisions easy! With customized curriculum, experienced staff, and a unique environment, your kiddo will not only enjoy every class, but also learn skills that can be used for a lifetime. To learn more, we talked with Allison Brock about her son Gabriel’s experiences with LFSS.


What do you love about Little Fishes/what keeps you coming back?

The caring, patient, and nurturing coaches! They are wonderful!


What sets our swim lessons apart from other activities?

I really like the songs and games the kids learn and that they can use them outside of class. Gabriel has incorporated “listening to the fishies” (putting his ears in the water) and the “monkey walk” when we visit other pools.


What is the biggest challenge your kiddo has overcome since joining?

Gabriel has overcome several challenges since joining Little Fishes. He was only in a pool once before starting the Acclimation class and was pretty uncertain of his experience. Gabriel had a rocky start in his first Acclimation class (lots of tears and anxiety initially), but what a difference a month has made! He has swum unassisted with an aquatic bar, isn’t afraid to go under water, and smiles and waves at me from the pool during class. I’m so proud of him–I really can’t believe how much he has progressed in such a short amount of time!


If you want your child to grow emotionally, physically, and developmentally just like Gabriel, please contact us at 314-647-SWIM (7946)!

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