Why Swimming is the Perfect Activity for Your Growing Child


Options for playing sports and joining activities are practically endless. With offerings galore and only so many hours in a day, kids (and their personal chauffeurs, otherwise known as parents) have to be picky with their activities. At Little Fishes Swim School, we believe swimming is the best activity for youngsters because it offers a slew of advantages, especially as it pertains to the physical health of a growing child. Here are some of the most important benefits:


  • Swimming builds muscle. Simply moving your body through water requires more muscle strength than moving through the air. Swimming involves muscle groups you don’t normally target out of the water, giving your child the ultimate full body muscle building exercise.
  • Swimming is impact-free. Reducing joint stiffness, strengthening muscles around your joints, and strengthening your bones are all physical advantages of swimming. Most importantly, because it’s an impact-free activity, swimming eliminates many long-term effects that other sports can induce. Floating through a weightless environment is easier on your body than pounding your joints on a soccer field, for example, so why not start your kids in the pool at a young age?
  • Swimming promotes better sleep. Utilizing all muscle groups, soaking in warm water, and being mentally unplugged, is both relaxing and exhausting. Tucking your child into bed at night will be no problem after a day of swimming. Hopefully you, too, will sleep better knowing they are not only safer in the water but also physically and mentally stronger.


If swimming seems like the perfect activity for your little one, Little Fishes Swim School is here to help. We believe in the benefits of this sport, and aim to make swimmers happier and healthier with every engaging and purposeful activity.

Call us today to enroll your little fish in a class that is handpicked for their age and ability. We look forward to hearing from you!

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