LFSS Now Swimming with Foss Swim School

We have exciting news to share!

Little Fishes is now a part of Foss Swim School, a Minneapolis-based, family-owned swim school with locations in Minnesota, Illinois, and now Missouri. We know you’ve placed your trust in us to provide the best possible experiences for your children and family, so I want to share with you why we choose FOSS and think you will love them too.

Who is FOSS?

A little history about FOSS; Jon Foss’ mother was just 17 years old when she brought her younger brothers to Lake Tobiason in North Dakota, where her 9-year-old brother tragically drowned. It was a silent event and changed her life forever. She became a lifelong advocate for swimming well. Through Jon, that mission of safety is at the heart of FOSS, just as it is for Little Fishes.
Not satisfied with just lessons, she enrolled her children on swim teams and Jon loved it. He continued into college and was struck by the unfamiliar techniques used by the national champion swimmers. Jon learned to teach those advanced techniques to his four swim teams and wrote a manual called K.A.D.S. from 1987-1989. Using that curriculum, he began competitive clinics in 1989.
Jon and Susan Foss opened the first swim school in 1993. Applying their knowledge of safe swimming they created an age-appropriate curriculum helping even the youngest swimmers confidently learn water acclimation, safety, strokes and technique, all while keeping it fun. With an outstanding staff and 25 years of expertise, FOSS has redefined the swim lesson experience by providing a fun, original, technically sound & safe, “FOSS®” style of teaching. FOSS currently has 14 schools in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago areas, and after welcoming the Little Fishes schools will service 16 unique communities.


What does this mean for me?

The truth is, you won’t notice much immediate change! Initially, Little Fishes will stay Little Fishes, and the same curriculum and staff will remain in operation. FOSS’ additional resources and expertise will unlock the potential for improvements and upgrades over time.
One thing you will notice immediately is the addition of Casey Fogerty to the team. Casey has been with FOSS since 2012 and is excited to work with the Little Fishes Team and families.

Casey Fogerty

In his words, “Whether it’s causing a hesitant swimmer to laugh and forget about their fears, helping an instructor advance their skills and career, or just make a family smile as they enter our doors for lessons, I count it an amazing gift to do this work every day.”
You’ll see Casey at both our Brentwood and Chesterfield locations. Please feel free to introduce yourself! Read about Casey here.

Happy to help

We are thrilled to begin this journey with our friends at FOSS, and know you will benefit from this partnership. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to reach out over the phone, via email, or the next time you’re in for lessons.