Take the Pledge to #SwimSafer19

water safety month 19.png

Providing very young children with swimming lessons appears to have a protective effect against drowning. - National Institutes of Health

More than 75% of the victims had been out of sight for five minutes or less, and were being supervised by one or both parents at the time. - US. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Drowning is quick, quiet and subtle. Once a child submerges beneath the surface, the water quickly hides and suffocates. - Aquatic Safety Research Group


Little Fishes is devoted to child water safety so this year we are promoting National Water Safety Month by asking our families to take our #SwimSafer19 pledge! Our pledge covers 5 practices for water safety we believe can help any family be safer this Summer! 

  • Swim Supervised:

    • Keep your eyes on little swimmers any time they’re near the water! It only takes a moment for an accident to happen! 

  • Always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket:

    • Floaties and noodles give a false sense of security. Only trust Coast Guard approved life jackets for added safety during supervised water safety!

  • Follow safety signs:

    • Safety signs are there for a reason! If a sign says "no diving", then no diving!

  • Enroll in swim lessons at Little Fishes!

    • Swim lessons teach an important skill and could save a life!

  • Respect the water!

    • Having fun in the water is a great pastime but it’s important to understand water can be unexpected! Teach children the importance of water safety!


Learn more about summer water safety with our video series: